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A word from the head

I, Mr. Ben Folstack head of success team Corporation apologize for the inconvenience caused during our site maintenance. We have been under heavy DDOS and have experienced several downs these past weeks or months. We have made suitable decisions to make this stop and never happen again. We are sorry for the service interruption and the long waiting time. But after all, we are back and this time we are back to put some joy in your face. We don’t want your money, we don’t want your present, we don’t want your donations. We want your smile, yes your biggest smile.

Success team has been long time harassed by external powerful Businesses (Brokers, investors, signal providers, pro traders, and e-payment companies) to stop selling high return software like (CF Pro – CF VIP – CF Million) because this is not suitable to their businesses. Some of them are ready to purchase the software code source and buy Success team itself. So far we have refused to sell success team corporation. We say NO. We must live for those who need us and live for the community of traders. This being said it is possible that in 2021 success team became a nonprofit company offering free services to all. We may stop selling high return software because the pressure over us is too much and too heavy. We are still thinking and meeting every week to decide on what to do for this stage to happen well. Important decisions will be made in the coming weeks. Lots of departments will disappear (the financial department, the computing department, and the affiliates department) the support will be at a minimum and for free a volunteer will be there to answer your questions. We have succeeded in putting BRF down from our last account management and we are very sorry that this affected them so much. At this moment BRF is extremely touched and in deep crises because they have paid too much profits to some users. Gonzalo Corrales from BRF accuses us of being the main responsible for what happened to them. We still do not know if it is a good idea to continue with the account management services but there is a possibility that we do a big account management session with and we hope not to harm their business. We thank Helena Dorsa from Success team lovers for her present, the painting is really beautiful. I congratulate Bryan Edingburgh from the computing department for his wonderful job and for his promotion he is now head of the computing department. I thank Anne Williams and her colleagues they are brilliant. Good job for Jenny Arper from the financial department and Dave Matterson who is very professional too. I congratulate the whole team for being so professional during the whole coronavirus crisis and still advice to continue on this line as the pandemic is still present. I cannot forget my colleagues from the administration department specially Mc Kartley and Herr Schmidt. Good job I hope success team will be your best work experience. It will be hard to be separated from all of you after long years of service, of complicity, and welfare.

I thank all success team customers, success team lovers, and employees, I love you all. You brought a sense to my life. Folstack the strict heartless german as Elwis Dano used to say has now a heart thanks to you. Thanks for what you brought to me. and Success…… to you may 2021 be the best one as we say it in german Frohes Neues Jahr.

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  • Hello,
    I am happy that you came back, but the news that the future of Success is in the balance is very disturbing. I hope that whatever decision that you will take you will take us and our interests in to serious consideration.
    Kind regards,

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