December 13, 2016


All departments E-mail Adresses

The computing department

Manages all computing stuff , robots , Accounts , Online system , Tech team , developpers , webmasters etc….

  • The computing department :

The Financial department

Manages all financial and money related affaires  .

  • The Fiancial department :

The law department

Deals with all law affaires , Administrative papers , signatures , demands and courts .

  • The law department :

The Compliance department

Helps customers in trouble to get their money back if unsatisfied , And even helps if you have been scamed elsewhere , they give advice on how to proceed to complaint and get  your money back or get justice done for you . And finally bring solutions for customers .

  • The Compliance department :

   The Customer Support Team

Handles the Customers general questions , needs and support .

  • The Custumer Support :

    The Head of Success Team

  • The Head of Success Team : 

    (please only contact the boss for very important cases , don`t disturb him )

The boss office , he is the most important and the most powerful authority of the company . We ask not to write him directly when your case can be solved by one of our departments . The boss must not be disturb for help calling or others , our free customers program is here for that . So please don`t disturb the boss for nothing .