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A word from the head

I, Mr. Ben Folstack head of success team Corporation apologize for the inconvenience caused during our site maintenance. We have been under heavy DDOS and have experienced several downs these past weeks or months. We have made suitable decisions to make this stop and never happen again. We are sorry for the service interruption and[…]

Free Account management session opened

FREE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT In this program, we aim to help a huge number of traders to get from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on their needs.And we take up BRF challenge to still be very profitabe in their platform after their last updates. This program and service is completely free. We do not require registration fees,[…]

Account Management for BRF opened

As expected the Account Management session for broker is opened.We are allowed to use our CF Pro software to trade new digit match on BRF.We asked them help to have our commissions paid to us by them directly from customers’ accounts but they did not accept that their terms and conditions are against that.However[…]