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Account Management for BRF opened

As expected the Account Management session for broker is opened.We are allowed to use our CF Pro software to trade new digit match on BRF.We asked them help to have our commissions paid to us by them directly from customers’ accounts but they did not accept that their terms and conditions are against that.However for our security we asked them not to deliver profits before we receive our commissions from the client.

You can apply here: Apply Now

4 thoughts on “Account Management for BRF opened

  • Hello dear,

    How can I apply for management service and from where I can get the profile I should upload

  • Hello, say i want a profit of $100000 from account management (BRF) What is the minimum balance required on my account?

  • Hello,
    I’d like to know the process to work with you ? How much is the minimum investment ? When start the next session ? Please.

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