Company Sold

We are so sorry but the company has been sold to a successful broker business company.Success team is now part of a successful broker business company and is no longer a trading support company. The new boss requires this office to be closed and stop all works.The VIP customers that had ongoing services with us will continue to use their software and system.All pending refunds will be processed by an special agent as the financial department is closed.All software and apps development will be continued and delivered by agent Anthony as the tech team is closed too.
All pending administrative affairs (applications, documents,requests,signatures and approvals) will be dealt by John Davidson and Melissa Kountfey as the administration office is closed too.Credit cards issued by our financial department will continue to work until date of expiration of the cards.The CF software we gave for free will continue to work until license expiry. KS and CF buyers can still continue to use their software if their licenses are still valid. For those who was paying for a software by installment, check your emails you may or will receive an email on the automated payment to use. The license will be delivered by Anthony once payment installments finished.
Resellers of the KS and CF will officially start selling from August 2021. Find the resellers approved list here:
Before buying from any reseller require the license document we delivered to them and scan the QR code to verify the license authenticity to avoid being scammed.
Once all customers are served Anthony John Davidson and Melissa will be off for good.